Other Musicians (non-violin / viola players)

Note: Janet is no longer teaching in Chester (more info).

Janet specialises in helping musicians of all kinds to play and sing without unnecessary effort or tension. To do so, she makes use of the following two systems, in which she has had thorough training:

  1. The Alexander Technique – see Janet’s Alexander Technique website
  2. The ‘New Approach’ of the Hungarian violin teacher, Kato Havas (see “A Sound Technique with Ease” and www.katohavas.com).

Cellists and other strings

The ‘New Approach’ is directly suitable for players of all bowed strings (in fact, there is a New Approach book called The Cellist’s Inner Voice by Ian Bewley – see the Kato Havas website ), and to plucked strings such as guitar.

Singers & Other Instrumentalists

The Alexander Technique is widely used by players of all instruments, as well as by singers and actors.

F M Alexander was an Australian actor who first developed his technique in order to solve problems he was having with his voice; so, amongst Alexander Technique teachers, there is a wealth of experience with the use of the voice – for both speaking and singing.

Nowadays, all the major music colleges have a team of teachers of the Alexander Technique who are available to help students prevent or overcome problems they might encounter in playing, singing and performing.

Perhaps surprisingly, there are also features of the New Approach that can be helpful for players of wind instruments, piano and harp.

If you are wondering whether the Alexander Technique or the New Approach might help you, book a trial lesson (consultation) where you can discuss your needs and get an idea of how either system works. Location, Costs, and Booking