Privacy Policy for Violin Pupils

Janet’s Privacy Policy for Violin Pupils

This policy covers the management of personal information for those taking lessons with Janet. If you are simply browsing the website, see Privacy Policy for this website.

The personal information I collect

When you start taking lessons with me I ask for your name and contact details – or, if a pupil is under 18, the pupil’s and parent’s name, with the parent’s contact details. If an under-18 year old texts me or emails me themselves, I then of course have the contact details they used to contact me.

The contact details I always need are name and phone number (landline and/or mobile). Email address is useful but not essential. Sometimes I ask for home address, but not always.

For pupils under 18 I request date of birth.

Any background details you give me about your musical experience, and any particular reasons for wanting to take lessons with me. I may take brief notes about general education and family background if I think this is relevant to the music lessons.

During the lessons I normally make notes of what we do, along with any comments to remind me what we need to work on next time.

If I enter you for an exam, the report is sent to me to pass on to you, and I normally take a photocopy of this for my records.

I keep a separate record of all payments of fees.

How I use this information and why I need it

Contact details are, of course, necessary for arranging or rearranging lessons, and sometimes we may want to communicate between lessons about matters arising from the lessons.

The reason for recording date of birth is for music exams, in case a pupil decides to take an exam. ABRSM, the exam board I use, requires the date of birth for any candidate under the age of 18.

Any other information I take – personal background details and lesson notes – are solely for the purpose of helping me plan individual lessons and courses of lessons effectively.

I never collect personal information from a third party, use your information for marketing, or share your contact details with anyone else without obtaining your permission.

How I store the information

My main storage of information is in hand-written paper format. I keep two A4 ring binders.

One has a separate page for each person recording contact details, some background information, and date of birth if under 18; then a list of the dates of all lessons as they occur, and a record of payments if the pupil chooses to pay for more than one lesson at a time. I store photocopies of exam reports in this file.

The other ring binder contains ongoing lesson notes for each pupil.

I also keep an account book recording all lesson fees received.

In addition to paper records, I may keep your phone number in the contact list on my mobile phone, and if we have exchanged emails I will have your email address on my computer.

How I collect personal information

All personal information I receive is given to me directly by the pupil or parent, by phone, email or during a lesson.

How long I keep information

I keep lesson notes and other personal information while a pupil continues to have lessons with me – or, if the pupil takes a break from lessons, while I am still expecting them to return for lessons at some point.

Your rights

Under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), you have rights of control over your personal data.

You can, for example, ask me to delete your personal information. If you wish me to provide more specific information about these rights, or if you already know your rights and want to exercise them, please communicate this to me through my website, by phone, or in person if we meet.